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The authors of a study published in the medical journal The Lancet that said taking hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus could be fatal retracted their findings Thursday after multiple reports   questioned  its  data.     

                          3/28/2020          STAGES OF COVID-19

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WTCHP general information:

CDC’s information for higher-risk persons:

VCF program information (updated, April 2, 2020):


Our friends in DC continue to monitor all developments related to COVID-19 and the stimulus packages being negotiated in the Capital. We expect, at some point today, the House will pass the CARES Act.

It includes provisions that provide a direct check from the federal government to many U.S. taxpayers. While we know money is not on the forefront of your mind, we want to make you aware of the following questions and answers that should help provide you with a better understanding of any forthcoming checks for those people who are eligible to receive them. 



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  SBA BULLETIN # 13   SBA Office Operations 

If you have specific Health & Welfare inquiries, please use the list below to email the member of our staff directly.  You may request a call back during normal business hours of 08:30 to 16:30.

General Health & Welfare Inquiries    Vanessa

Prescription Benefits Inquiries   Angela

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College Verification Inquiries   Nicole

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All other inquiries   Rosa

   SBA BULLETIN # 12: 


I received the below message from an NYPD member who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. He asked me to share this with all members of the NYPD in an effort to make each of you aware of potential symptoms of the illness.
Please read the following message and most importantly, please follow the safety directions and protect yourself and each other. I’m proud of our fellow NYPD member who, while sick, is still trying to protect others.

On behalf of all NYPD members, I pray he recovers quickly and God watches over him and all of you.

COVID19 comes in many forms, e.g., loss of taste & smell. I went to work on Saturday and felt normal. While at work, I had explosive diarrhea and started to feel slight pressure in my upper chest, like the start of a cold. I took lost time because I didn't want to chance infecting anyone else. When I got home, I still felt like I had a mild cold. My wife insisted on taking my temperature and it was slightly high at 99.6. My wife was able to find a walk in clinic near our home and they swabbed me Sunday afternoon.

Its important to know that when I woke up Sunday, I had no fever and the heaviness in my chest just about went away and so did my diarrhea but I now had a slight cough and cramping in my stomach. When I woke today, my throat and stomach hurt and I get tired really quickly. A cop in my precinct went out sick on 3/17 with a fever of 104 and he found out he was positive on 3/21. I worked an overtime detail with that officer on 3/13 and that is where I most likely contracted the virus.

As of now, two cops plus me are positive in the 66 precinct and many more are out sick with fevers. Please pay special attention to the 66 precinct because I believe this is the calm before the storm.

Thanks for your concern during this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions.


Line Of Duty Language For Members Who  Test Positive For Coronavirus

As you know, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus continues to climb higher daily in New York City. I have received numerous communications of N.Y.P.D. members reporting sick and/or being exposed to someone who is sick. In the absence of information from this department, YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF. I have published several Bulletins highlighting Safety Precautions; Please READ them and POST them in EVERY COMMAND for others to follow. We MUST NEVER allow another 9/11 to be repeated, where first responders are sent into slaughter without the proper information and equipment. I have spoken with our Disability Counsel Nick Cifuni who recommends the below language and information be documented on any Line Of Duty Report as related to line of duty sickness from Coronavirus exposure.


Latest Updates  from Mayo  Clinic Experts.     Visit   Mayo Clinic   News Network 


“The Air Is Safe to Breathe” – September 18, 2001

Christine Todd Whitman -Environmental Protection Agency

As you are aware, in January of this year a male returning from Wuhan, China to the State of Washington was infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Shortly thereafter, several more cases were reported, the disease spread quickly, and currently hundreds of confirmed cases have been diagnosed in New York, with hundreds of others being confirmed throughout the nation. Yesterday, President Trump officially declared the pandemic a national emergency.



Many of us remember the days following 9/11 when then E.P.A Director Christine Todd Whitman issued a report with the now-infamous statement: “I am glad to reassure the people of New York that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink”. As a result of her negligence, thousands of first responders have since died from respiratory illnesses and cancers caused by breathing that “safe air”. We didn’t have the necessary equipment back then to respond to an airborne emergency, and we find ourselves once again without necessary equipment now.

Be assured the SBA Board is doing everything within our power to equip each of our members and the members of the NYPD with ALL the tools and supplies needed to protect you from exposure to the Coronavirus. We have met with the Police Commissioner and members of his command staff, and have been advised that the Department will distribute protective masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and other equipment as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. As you know, thus far minimal amounts of equipment have been sporadically distributed, and we anticipate more to come. We have specifically requested that 911 dispatchers screen all aided calls in an effort to provide responding NYPD members with necessary information regarding the aided’s medical condition prior to arrival. 

Additionally, we are currently working with our friends in Washington DC to obtain protective equipment for all our members. We have also conferred with our disability attorneys, Ungaro, Cifuni & Jaffe, who have provided us with the following information regarding potential COVID-19 claims:

Members are cautioned to observe best practices and keep themselves and their co-workers safe. COVID-19 is NOT enumerated under GML 207p, the Infectious Disease Bill, and potentially disabling residuals from the disease are likely NOT covered under the Infectious Disease Bill. We STRONGLY encourage members to file Line of Duty paperwork and get an Exposure Number if they come into close contact with any individual exhibiting signs of serious respiratory illness while on duty. We would also like to remind members that suffer from World Trade Center related illness that they are at higher risk of suffering the more severe effects of this disease. Please keep yourselves and your co-workers safe by taking proper precautions when dealing with the public and if you develop symptoms.

We will continue to monitor this developing situation and work closely with our friends in Washington D.C. to provide you with updated information and every resource available to law enforcement. Please be careful, limit opportunities for exposure and take care of one another.

: If any member is denied an Exposure Number, YOU MUST document circumstances surrounding your request, obtain names of person(s) denying your request for an Exposure Number and forward all information to your SBA Delegate, Director or contact the SBA Office. YOU MUST DOCUMENT the FACTS as they OCCURRED IMMEDIATELY! NOTE

God Bless You and Stay Safe!



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Sergeants Benevolent Association

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