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The SBA is currently awaiting delivery of additional equipment (masks, sanitizers, bleach, etc.) for distribution amongst the rank and file members of the NYPD.

However, I was recently contacted by Mr. Hung Tam who has two nephews serving in the NYPD. Mr. Tam started a GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase additional respirators for members of the NYPD. The SBA has agreed to receive all masks, which will be distributed citywide.

Please share the below link with as many people as possible. Everyone needs to help protect the members of the NYPD   who are helping those who are sick.

GoFundMe Page:                       Respirators for NYC First Responders


Below is an update as to what was discussed and announced during yesterday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing.

Yesterday, 3/27/20, at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference, President Trump announced that he is using the Defense Production Act (DPA) for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic to compel General Motors (GM) to prioritize federal government contractor orders for additional ventilators. He said this should be a sign to other companies that the federal government will not hesitate to use the powers afforded to it under the DPA.

Trump added that he also signed an Executive Order to provide the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services with full authority under the DPA to respond to COVID-19 and speed up the manufacture of critical medical supplies. Peter Navarro, President Trump’s trade adviser, will serve as the “Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator” for the federal government.

Speaking at the press conference, Navarro said the federal government needs an industrial mobilization to make ventilators. Navarro added that while most companies are complying, the federal government ran into roadblocks with GM. He concluded by saying the federal government is signing contracts with major ventilator companies across the U.S. and noted the Food and Drug Administration will be reducing regulations in the coming days to speed up the process.

Later in the press conference, Trump announced Boeing is donating thousands of face shields to front-line healthcare workers. He added Boeing has also offered the use of its Dream Lifter cargo plane, which can handle thousands of pounds of cargo to help with distribution of critical medical supplies across the country.


Our friends in DC continue to monitor all developments related to COVID-19 and the stimulus packages being negotiated in the Capital. We expect, at some point today, the House will pass the CARES Act.

It includes provisions that provide a direct check from the federal government to many U.S. taxpayers. While we know money is not on the forefront of your mind, we want to make you aware of the following questions and answers that should help provide you with a better understanding of any forthcoming checks for those people who are eligible to receive them. 



Brosnan Risk Consultants - is currently seeking active or retired Law Enforcement Officers for per-diem security work in the New York Metro area. The pay rate is $35.00 per hour. Long hours are anticipated along with premium assignments. You must present a professional appearance and must possess a New York State Armed Guard License.  
If interested, use the following link provided to apply:



Below is an update as to what was discussed and announced during yesterday’s Coronavirus Task Force 
During the briefing, President Trump announced that the Naval hospital ship, the USNS Comfort will be leaving from Virginia for Manhattan on Saturday. Trump added the ship will be docked in New York Harbor on Monday, specifically on Pier 90. He said they were successfully able to speed up necessary maintenance by three weeks

Additionally, President Trump provided an update on the status of the Defense Production Act (DPA). Trump said he has not yet had to invoke provisions of the Act to increase production of critical medical supplies, including N95 masks and respirators. He added he has not yet used the powers under the DPA because companies are “offering help without us having to force them."

The above information was announced during the task force’s press conference. Please free to share any or all of this information with members of your command.   Once again, please use caution and stay safe.

   SBA BULLETIN # 14         MOS  Should Contact The Medical District  By Phone When Sick

  SBA BULLETIN # 13   SBA Office Operations 

If you have specific Health & Welfare inquiries, please use the list below to email the member of our staff directly.  You may request a call back during normal business hours of 08:30 to 16:30.

General Health & Welfare Inquiries    Vanessa

Prescription Benefits Inquiries   Angela

Dental Benefits Inquiries   Adrianna

Optical Benefits Inquiries   Laura

College Verification Inquiries   Nicole

Retiree Inquiries   Scott

Annuity Inquiries   Maureen

All other inquiries   Rosa

   SBA BULLETIN # 12: 


I received the below message from an NYPD member who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. He asked me to share this with all members of the NYPD in an effort to make each of you aware of potential symptoms of the illness.
Please read the following message and most importantly, please follow the safety directions and protect yourself and each other. I’m proud of our fellow NYPD member who, while sick, is still trying to protect others.

On behalf of all NYPD members, I pray he recovers quickly and God watches over him and all of you.

COVID19 comes in many forms, e.g., loss of taste & smell. I went to work on Saturday and felt normal. While at work, I had explosive diarrhea and started to feel slight pressure in my upper chest, like the start of a cold. I took lost time because I didn't want to chance infecting anyone else. When I got home, I still felt like I had a mild cold. My wife insisted on taking my temperature and it was slightly high at 99.6. My wife was able to find a walk in clinic near our home and they swabbed me Sunday afternoon.

Its important to know that when I woke up Sunday, I had no fever and the heaviness in my chest just about went away and so did my diarrhea but I now had a slight cough and cramping in my stomach. When I woke today, my throat and stomach hurt and I get tired really quickly. A cop in my precinct went out sick on 3/17 with a fever of 104 and he found out he was positive on 3/21. I worked an overtime detail with that officer on 3/13 and that is where I most likely contracted the virus.

As of now, two cops plus me are positive in the 66 precinct and many more are out sick with fevers. Please pay special attention to the 66 precinct because I believe this is the calm before the storm.

Thanks for your concern during this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions.



Many members have expressed concern regarding exposure from other members who have either reported sick or obtained exposure numbers. It appears information and awareness amongst NYPD members is either not occurring or too slow to be explained.

In an effort to help create a greater and safer working environment and awareness amongst personnel within commands, I am; hereby, directing ALL SBA DELEGATES to monitor commands within their assignment for NYPD members who reported sick from Coronavirus and all NYPD members who have been exposed and have documented their exposure. 


Line Of Duty Language For Members Who  Test Positive For Coronavirus

As you know, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus continues to climb higher daily in New York City. I have received numerous communications of N.Y.P.D. members reporting sick and/or being exposed to someone who is sick. In the absence of information from this department, YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF. I have published several Bulletins highlighting Safety Precautions; Please READ them and POST them in EVERY COMMAND for others to follow. We MUST NEVER allow another 9/11 to be repeated, where first responders are sent into slaughter without the proper information and equipment. I have spoken with our Disability Counsel Nick Cifuni who recommends the below language and information be documented on any Line Of Duty Report as related to line of duty sickness from Coronavirus exposure.


The below article was published on It was written by Jon Adler, the former Director of the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA).

Jon is a valued and trusted friend who has a long history of helping and protecting the members of law enforcement. Please read the article and understand the importance of documenting any illness or exposure you may encounter to COVID-19. We will continue to keep you updated on any information we receive.

The article is also available online here:

 Stay Safe and Take Care of Each Other


We continue to work with experts in the field of Biohazards, Chemical Exposures and Plagues. I have conferred with Laurie Garrett one of the world’s leading experts on global healthcare and pandemics. She has shared with me the following information to pass along to all first responders.

Remember these are guidelines, however, take all precautions seriously.
DO NOT TAKE RISKS. We will continue to provide you with important information as we receive it.

Remember what you do matters, what you do makes a difference, people are depending on you for help. This is a defining time in our nation, our city. Stay safe protect yourself, your families, your cops. This is what we do!  We have your back we are in this together.

God Bless You!


Shelter-In-Place Is Hard On Families:

Whatever underlying tensions exist within a household will only get worse after they've been on lockdown for a month. Domestic violence, child abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse -- it can all get much worse when the family is stuck together 24/7. China is now reporting a surge in divorce petitions, as couples come out of their long, unrelenting cohabitation. All of the risks that face the NYPD when intervening in household disputes will be magnified by concern that officers do not get exposed to COVID-19.

Mental Health Issues:

People with chronic mental illness often tend to paranoia, but now they genuinely have something to be afraid of. Whether they are on the streets, in jail or in a household, many mentally ill individuals will find this time very difficult to cope with and may act out. If we reach the stage seen in China where people dressed in "space suits" are knocking on doors to remove bodies or pull people off to quarantine, seeing such activities could tip people over the edge if they suffer psychoses or hallucinations.

General Crime:

We are experiencing two catastrophes, running in tandem -- the pandemic and economic collapse and mass-scale job loss. Depending on what sorts of relief packages Congress passes, we could have tens of thousands of New Yorkers who are suddenly jobless, frightened and without money literally for food and rent. Some might, out of desperation, turn to theft and petty crime.

Nearly every neighborhood in NYC has a community organization, such as the Cobble Hill Neighborhood Association, typically linked to local betterment efforts. Precinct Officers usually know about these groups. Many of them are eager to learn how they can help their neighbors get through the epidemic. Many are concerned about the neediest in their community -- homeless, disabled, elderly, and those overwhelmed as single parents.

Officers' Personal Protection:

Officers are trained to consider their safety in the context of potential violence, not in the face of viruses. As this epidemic worsens; however, police officers will be asked to work up-close-and-personal with potentially contagious situations. For example, responding to aid FDNY or EMT in removing severely ill individuals or cadavers; enforcing quarantine orders on noncompliant individuals; intervening in a household dispute situation where one or more of the individuals are infected; guarding a jail facility where COVID-19 is spreading. The officers have a right to expect personal protection in such situations: N95 mask, latex gloves, a disposable gown or apron, goggles. Such equipment is; however, in such scarce supply that there are inadequate supplies to protect doctors and nurses.

Every precinct station should have hot running water and liquid soap, paper towels, and encourage all NYPD members to wash their hands frequently. Partners should note when a colleague touches his face or a public surface – doorknob, banister, subway pole – reminding him to wash hands.

Officers' Personal Protection:

If you feel sick, stay home. There is no valor in "toughing it out" and coming to work when feeling ill --- not in a pandemic. Every officer should know the symptoms of COVID-19, and call in sick if any of them are experienced: Fever over 99 degrees, continuous dry coughing, shortness of breath, muscle aches and weakness, loss of appetite, dizziness.

  1. When you leave your home, wear gloves — winter mittens or outdoor gloves—and keep them on in subways, buses, and public spaces.

  2. If you are in a social situation where you should remove your gloves, perhaps to shake hands or dine, do not touch your face or eyes, no matter how much something itches. Keep your hands away from contact with your face. And before you put your gloves back on, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, scrubbing the fingers. Put your gloves on.

  3. Change gloves daily, washing them thoroughly, and avoid wearing damp gloves.

  4. Masks are useless when worn outdoors and may not be very helpful even indoors. Most masks deteriorate after being used one or two times. Using the same mask day after day is worse than useless—it’s disgusting, as the contents of your mouth and nose eventually coat the inside of the mask with a smelly veneer that is attractive to bacteria. Interestingly, Laurie Garrett explained she rarely wears a face mask in an epidemic and was in more than 30 outbreaks. Instead, she stays away from crowds and keeps her distance from individual people—a half meter, about 1.5 feet, is a good standard. If someone is coughing or sneezing, ask them to put on a mask—to protect you from their potentially contaminated fluids. If they decline, step away (about 3 feet) from them, or just leave. DO NOT shake hands or hug people—politely beg off, saying it’s better for both of you not to come in close contact during an epidemic.

  5. Inside your household, remove all of the towels from your bathrooms and kitchen immediately, and replace them with clean towels that have the names of each family member on them. Instruct everybody in your home to only use their own towels and never touch another family member’s towel. Wash all towels twice a week. Damp towels provide terrific homes for viruses, like common colds, flu, and, yes, coronaviruses.

  6. Be careful with doorknobs. If it’s possible to open and close doors using your elbows or shoulders, do so. Wear gloves to turn a doorknob—or wash your hands after touching it. If anybody in your home takes sick, wash your doorknobs regularly. Similarly, be cautious with stairway banisters, desktops, cell phones, toys, laptops—any objects that are hand-held. As long as you handle only your own personal objects, you will be ok—but if you need to pick up someone else’s cell phone or cooking tools or use someone else’s computer keyboard, be mindful of not touching your face and wash your hands immediately after touching the object.

  7. If you share meals, do not use your personal chopsticks and utensils to remove food from a serving bowl or plate and, of course, tell your children to never drink out of anybody else’s cups or from a container of shared fluid. It is customary in China to prepare several dishes for a meal and then allow everybody at the table to use their personal chopsticks to pull food from the common dishes: DO NOT do this until the epidemic is over. Place serving spoons in each dish and instruct everybody at the table to scoop what they want from the serving dishes onto their personal plates or bowls, return the serving spoon to the main dish, and then use their personal utensils only to pick food from their personal plate or bowl into their mouth. Wash all food and kitchenware thoroughly between meals and avoid restaurants that have poor hygiene practices.

  8. Absolutely do not buy, slaughter, or consume any live animal or fish until it is known what species was the source of the virus.

  9. When the weather allows, open your windows at home or work, letting your space air out. The virus cannot linger in a well-ventilated space. But of course, if it is cold or the weather is inclement, keep warm and close those windows.

  10. Finally, if you are caring for a friend or family member who is running a fever, always wear a tight-fitting mask when you are near them, and place one on the ailing person (unless they are nauseated). When you replace an old, dirty mask from the face of your friend or loved one, be very, very careful—assume, for the sake of your protection, that it is covered in viruses, and handle it while wearing latex gloves. Place it inside of a disposable container, seal it, and then put it in the trash. While wearing those latex gloves, gently wash the patient’s face with warm soap and water, using a disposable paper towel or cotton swab, and seal it after use in a container or plastic bag before placing it in your household trash. Wear long-sleeved shirts and clothing that covers your body when you are caring for your ailing friend or relative. Clean everything your patient wears or touches very thoroughly in hot soapy water, including sheets, towels, and utensils. If you have space, isolate the sick person in your household in a room, or a corner of a room, where they are comfortable, but separated from the rest of the household. If the weather is tolerable, open a window that is on the opposite side of the room so that air gently blows past the patient’s face and then outdoors.  Of course, dont do this if it is very cold, as your friend or loved one will be made sicker if uncomfortably cold.



Each of you is on the front lines in this battle to defeat the pandemic virus that is attacking the American people.  I know, as you all do, that those of us trying to maintain order, enforce the laws, and keep people safe are vulnerable to exposure, as are our families.  I have directed the SBA Attorneys to research the health laws, labor laws, and your rights as an employee of the City of New York.

They have prepared the following guidelines and information for you.  Please read it carefully and hopefully, this will address your concerns and answer your questions.  We are doing everything possible to avoid another scenario of long-term illness like we experienced after 9/11.  Once again, the SBA Board is following this pandemic virus and doing everything possible to keep you safe.   
Hang in there, NEVER GIVE UP, and work together.

God Bless You and all the members of the NYPD.


Ed Mullins

We are tracking the constant flow of updated information and recommendations arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the circumstances will continue to fluctuate for some time, we believe that   

the following frequently-asked questions may provide you with guidance and reassurance.



​Believe me when I say, "YOU will NOT be left to fight this pandemic virus alone on the streets of this city. There will NOT be another 9/11 where members of the NYPD respond to save lives, only to lose their own years later. Make no mistake, this will NOT happen on my watch.

I understand clearly the conditions being reported back to us from the field, your concerns, and your needs and fears for your families. I assure you that the SBA Board is doing everything possible to obtain equipment and provide ongoing information to you. We are working closely with our friends in Washington D.C. and are currently putting in place an Advisory Board specializing in Organic Chemistry, Plagues, and Biohazards.

Additionally, we have spoken with the Police Commissioner and are attempting to work jointly to defeat the attack of the Coronavirus in the City of New York, and most importantly, upon you. I know there has been some distribution of masks, gloves, and alcohol wipes. I also know it is insufficient. The truth is the nation is in demand for all these items and there are simply not enough at this moment in time. In the absence of these items, we cannot stand by and rely on a lucky rabbit’s foot. We have asked scholars / experts that we are working with for direction and best practices that we can implement immediately in order to limit exposure and keep you safe.

General George Patton, once said, “Always do everything you ask of those you command.”   
Remember his words when giving direction to those you lead.
Take care of your cops, they are no different than you, and they have families just like you.

I promise you with all my heart we are working to get you the supplies you need. So, help me God, you will NOT be left alone. 

The following protocols have been compiled by Professor Janet Gonzalez P.H.D. to help limit your exposure and protect you.   Introduction:

These protocols (best procedures) are intended to serve as a practical guideline for your protection and to protect those around you. You are at risk and must take these precautions seriously. You are on the front lines whether you are, making an arrest, restraining someone, searching or transporting a person. You can be exposed to human bites, feces, urine, saliva. spitting, scratches and needles among other things. Take these precautions seriously!

Novel human corona virus (named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, SARS-CoV-2, or Covid-19 virus) is an airborne pathogen spread by droplets expelled into the air typically through a cough or sneeze. It can also live on plastic and metal surfaces.

How long can it live outside the body? Right now, the latest published paper from the New England Journal of Medicine 3/17/2020 conducted an experiment consisting of 10 different situations under 5 experimental conditions with aerosols, plastic, stainless steel, copper, and cardboard.                                         

 These are their reported results;

  • In aerosol form the virus lasts 3 hours

  • The virus was more stable on plastic and stainless steel than on copper and cardboard

  • Viable (ability to survive) virus was detected up to 72 hours after application to these surfaces

  • The results indicate that aerosol and fomite (objects or materials able to carry infection, clothes, utensils, furniture, water fountains) transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is probable and possible, since the virus can remain viable and infectious in aerosol form for hours and on surfaces up to days.

New England Journal of Medicine March 17, 2020 Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1 DOI: 10.1056/NEJMc2004973


What to do within precincts, offices or police cars:


  • Maintain a distance of 6ft between you, your colleagues and anyone else.

  • Do not shake hands or even elbow bump, just maintain your distance and say Hi! Be safe

  • If possible open the windows to let air circulate

  • Do not eat or drink or apply make up on your desk

  • Disinfect your work area, flat surfaces, computer keyboards, mouse, screens, chairs, cell phones. Don’t forget the toilet and bathroom fixtures.

  • For all the following please leave the solution on the surface for 5 minutes


      Use bleach the recommended dilution is 1/3 cup per gallon of water. If you have no bleach use pool liquid chlorine, same dilution

    • Ammonia dilution is 50:50

    • Lysol spray

    • Soapy water

    • Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol in a spray bottle




  • Wash your hands with soapy water frequently. Hot water is not necessary because the temperature you need would scald your hands

  • Use gloves. Nitrile gloves are better just because latex gloves rip more easily.

  • The purpose for using gloves is so that you DO NOT touch your face. With gloves you are very aware of your hands.

  • Once you start touching doorknobs, car doors, elevator buttons, your cell phone or the computer keypad (you get the picture) your gloves are contaminated! Change your gloves do not wash them soap breaks down the integrity of the gloves. In between glove changes wash your hands.

    • If you do not have latex or vinyl gloves, kitchen gloves are a good alternative as are cut resistant gloves used in commercial kitchens that are coated or uncoated, electrical gloves (very bulky) flame retardant gloves or welding gloves

  • Masks are good! Once you put on your mask do not fiddle with it, touch it, move it off your nose, or move it to breathe. The mask is there to trap droplets from another person sneezing or coughing.
  • If you don’t have a mask you can use a padded bra cup
    • Or a thick Kotex pad

  • Motorcycle face masks or camouflage masks will afford some protection, the tighter the cloth weave the better

For Cars / R.M.P.s:

  • Disinfect the doors, steering wheel, seats

  • Radio handsets,   Buttons,    Anything you touch after every shift


What to do when you get home:

  • Take off your shoes before entering your house

  • If possible, remove your clothes before entering your house

  • Place the clothes in a plastic bag for laundering

  • Do not shake dirty laundry in order to minimize dispersing virus through the air.

  • Wash using the warmest water setting and dry items on the highest heat setting. Heat will disable the virus

  • Clean and disinfect hampers or laundry carts

Finally keep a record  and detail of who you meet, talk to, interact with and where you eat every day. This is the only strategy to track down and test suspected cases in order to provide a model for mitigating the spread of this virus.  

 3/18/2020                                   SBA BULLETIN # 5  


Below is a list of locations that are currently being used to provide testing for the Coronavirus. We will continue to provide additional information as we receive it.

LOCATION: STATEN ISLAND, N Y   COVID-19 TESTING | Call for Appointment – (888) 364-3065
Start Date: 3-19-20 

State Run Program:  Seaview Psychiatric Field located off Father Capodanno Blvd.  8am – 8pm
By appointment only (1000) per day 

City Run Program:  Miller Field   Mill Road and New Dorp Lane  Walk – up (only if you are sick)
330 per day

LOCATION: NASSAU COUNTY, NEW YORK   Appointments ONLY | (COVID-19) HOTLINE (888) 364-3065    Start Date: 03-18-20    West End of Jones Beach 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM  

 3/18/2020                                   SBA BULLETIN # 4


A short time ago, President Trump, Vice President Pence, and members of the Coronavirus Task Force held a press briefing at the White House. Below is an update on some of the announcements made by the President and members of the Task Force.  The biggest news from the press conference was President Trump’s announcement that he will be signing an order invoking the Defense Production Act this afternoon. The target of the order will be aiding in the production of additional masks (including N95 masks), eyewear, personal protective equipment, ventilators, and other critical equipment necessary to combat COVID-19. 

Department of Defense (DoD) Secretary Mark Esper added that the US is deploying two Naval hospital ships—the USS Mercy and the USS Comfort—to New York City and the West Coast to aid in hospital capacity issues. Ships are being readied and will be deployed over the next week. Additionally, Secretary Esper said that DoD will be releasing up to 5 million additional N95 masks to the Department of Health and Human Services from its stockpile and said that 1 million will be available “immediately” to be deployed across the country.

On the immigration front, President Trump announced that he is considering actions to prevent asylum seekers from coming into the country. The speculation is this will include an expansion of the “Remain in Mexico” policy as well as a suspension of asylum applications. No action has been taken yet.

Finally, regarding the closure of the Canadian border announced this morning, President Trump said that the order is currently for a 30-day closure. Trade with Canada is currently unaffected and the closure only applies to non-essential crossings.  



Yesterday President Trump held a press conference as related to the pandemic with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Below is a summation of what was announced by the President.

The biggest news (as expected) is the announcement regarding a national emergency related to the coronavirus. The President said that taking this step will free up more than $50 billion for states to f
ight the coronavirus and simultaneously urged states to set up emergency operations immediately.

The President also said that HHS will be asking every hospital to activate its emergency preparedness plans and that HHS has been conferred broad new authorities to waive requirements to enable telehealth, remote doctor visits, and hospital check-ins. He also noted that HHS would be waiving certain licensing requirements for physicians.

Regarding testing, the President stated that the FDA has approved a new test for COVID-19. He anticipates that 500,000 tests would be available early next week and that five million tests will be available within a month. He also emphasized that drive-thru tests will be available in areas with high concentrations of COVID-19 and that Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and other companies will make their parking lots available for testing. These new tests should be able to share results in 24-36 hours.

In addition, President Trump announced that he would be implementing emergency executive actions to waive all student loan interest owed to federal loan agencies. He further announced that he has directed the Secretary of Energy to purchase large quantities of crude oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Finally, regarding the House COVID-19 bill, Trump said that he does not think the Democrats are “giving enough” and that negotiations are ongoing.



Ed Mullins
Sergeants Benevolent Association


Latest Updates  from Mayo  Clinic Experts.     Visit   Mayo Clinic   News Network 



Several sergeants have contacted the SBA Office inquiring if the NAR Personal Protection Equipment Kit (PPE) issued by the SBA in 2016 has expired. The kit has NO EXPIRATION DATE and is still good to use. Additionally, the equipment provided within the kit meets C.D.C. standards of protection for dealing with exposure issues such as those related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). All members are encouraged to utilize NAR PPE kits if you still have them, pending the acquisition of additional equipment. 

Please feel free to contact the SBA if you have any additional questions.



“The Air Is Safe to Breathe” – September 18, 2001

Christine Todd Whitman -Environmental Protection Agency

As you are aware, in January of this year a male returning from Wuhan, China to the State of Washington was infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Shortly thereafter, several more cases were reported, the disease spread quickly, and currently hundreds of confirmed cases have been diagnosed in New York, with hundreds of others being confirmed throughout the nation. Yesterday, President Trump officially declared the pandemic a national emergency.



Many of us remember the days following 9/11 when then E.P.A Director Christine Todd Whitman issued a report with the now-infamous statement: “I am glad to reassure the people of New York that their air is safe to breathe and their water is safe to drink”. As a result of her negligence, thousands of first responders have since died from respiratory illnesses and cancers caused by breathing that “safe air”. We didn’t have the necessary equipment back then to respond to an airborne emergency, and we find ourselves once again without necessary equipment now.

Be assured the SBA Board is doing everything within our power to equip each of our members and the members of the NYPD with ALL the tools and supplies needed to protect you from exposure to the Coronavirus. We have met with the Police Commissioner and members of his command staff, and have been advised that the Department will distribute protective masks, hand sanitizers, gloves and other equipment as recommended by the Center for Disease Control. As you know, thus far minimal amounts of equipment have been sporadically distributed, and we anticipate more to come. We have specifically requested that 911 dispatchers screen all aided calls in an effort to provide responding NYPD members with necessary information regarding the aided’s medical condition prior to arrival. 

Additionally, we are currently working with our friends in Washington DC to obtain protective equipment for all our members. We have also conferred with our disability attorneys, Ungaro, Cifuni & Jaffe, who have provided us with the following information regarding potential COVID-19 claims:

Members are cautioned to observe best practices and keep themselves and their co-workers safe. COVID-19 is NOT enumerated under GML 207p, the Infectious Disease Bill, and potentially disabling residuals from the disease are likely NOT covered under the Infectious Disease Bill. We STRONGLY encourage members to file Line of Duty paperwork and get an Exposure Number if they come into close contact with any individual exhibiting signs of serious respiratory illness while on duty. We would also like to remind members that suffer from World Trade Center related illness that they are at higher risk of suffering the more severe effects of this disease. Please keep yourselves and your co-workers safe by taking proper precautions when dealing with the public and if you develop symptoms.

We will continue to monitor this developing situation and work closely with our friends in Washington D.C. to provide you with updated information and every resource available to law enforcement. Please be careful, limit opportunities for exposure and take care of one another.

: If any member is denied an Exposure Number, YOU MUST document circumstances surrounding your request, obtain names of person(s) denying your request for an Exposure Number and forward all information to your SBA Delegate, Director or contact the SBA Office. YOU MUST DOCUMENT the FACTS as they OCCURRED IMMEDIATELY! NOTE

God Bless You and Stay Safe!



Ed Mullins
Sergeants Benevolent Association

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