NOV 3, 2019 


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Our bills have been filed for the upcoming legislative session which begins January 14, 2020. It is early due to 2020 being a presidential election year. The house bill introduced by Representative Hattersley, is going to be co sponsored by Rep. John Cortes and Toby Overdorf again a bipartisan bill. We have not heard back from Rep. Chip LaMarca but I have enlisted the assistance of Representative David Smith who was attempting to find us another prime cosponsor. The house bill number is HB 281. In the Senate the Senate bill SB 484 has once again been introduced by Sen. David Simmons and is cosponsored by Sen. Dennis Baxley and Sen. Joe Gruters. Sen. Gruters is concurrently the State Chairman of the Florida Republican Party. He will try again this session to get us past the Republican roadblock in the House. His influence in the House is limited as he is a Senator but he told me he will try.

During my communication with the office of Representative Hattersley and Sen. Simmons I endeavored to have both bills drafted with identical language. This is to get past one of the objections that was raised blocking our bill the last time. If you go to Florida House of Representatives page on the Internet you can look up both bills and examine them for yourselves. Starting this week I'm going to attempt to have the bill scored for its cost. Last session a cost analysis was done on the Senate bill but the one on the House bill was apparently not acceptable due to minor differences in the two items. We will try to avoid that problem as well this time.

This will be the last effort for this corrective legislation. Sen. Simmons is term limited this session and will not be returning. He has carried this bill for us three times. Representative Hattersley has informed me that he will be resigning from the state legislature and running for the United States Congress, he has carried this bill for us twice. I hope that those of you who find yourselves in the districts in which they are running stand up for them the way they have stood up for us. The same consideration should be given to anyone listed as a cosponsor. 

It would also be nice, for those of you are able, to call Sen. Simmons office at 407-262-7578 and Representative Hattersley at 813-657-7781 and thank them for their continuing support.

What I need from all of you now is that you begin to call your local Representative and State Senator and ask them to vote for our bills. We need to correct this now or it may never be corrected. The ball is in your court.

If you have any questions or need help on finding out who your legislator is you can call me at the numbers listed below. It is also my intention to hook up a separate line for inquiries. When it is connected I will relay that number.

Remember the session begins January 14, 2020   Not March so start helping ASAP.

Stay safe,

Jim Bomford B.A. MPA*

Washington D.C.  Legislative Representative

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