The recent meeting at Halifax Plantation Golf Club was a tremendous success! We had a wonderful lunch for 50 members and guests with an additional 17 members showing up for the meeting itself. The guest speaker, Randal Schecter, Elder Law Attorney, was absolutely excellent! Informing all the attendees of legal matters that are absolutely important to members of all ages. If anyone is thinking of utilizing the services of an Elder Law Attorney, he is located at 1870 W. Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL, 32174, telephone number 386-672-2550.


The generosity of the members of this Club continues to be astounding! Once again we overdid ourselves in being charitable to Veterans in need. On 2/5/2019, the Club dropped off at Halifax Urban Ministry Veterans Housing ( a special 20 bedroom housing for Veterans ) approximately $550 dollars in toiletry items donated by Club members. The care package consisted of over 50 bars of soap, 26 packages of toothbrushes, 20 deodorants, 20 boxes of toothpaste, 14 packages of razor/blades, 12 cans of shaving cream, 3 packages of wipes, 2 packages of toilet paper, 1 black travel kit and 1 large bag of assorted creams, shampoos, conditioners,etc.. Donations play a big part in their survival. Needless to say the Halifax Urban Ministry Veteran's Unit were extremely thankful.


In closing, the winner of the 50/50 raffle was Joe Johnson, who submitted his request for tickets via the mail in raffle. The winner took home $350.00 and the Club got a hefty input of funds to offset the Scholarship Funds which are awarded in May of this year. Remember, you have got to be in it to win it.

From:  Northeast Florida 10-13 Club                 Thank You


             I want to thank you for your kind words and for your continued membership in the Club. A Club that you helped build many years ago! I wish that I had been able to get through on the "first shot" but no it took almost 2 hours of calling that office in New York to get through. They are not customer orientated. I have copied the officers of the 10-13 Club and the President of the National 10-13 Organization, so they can all see and share with others what the 10-13 Club is all about, cops helping cops! Our motto has always been "We take care of our Own" and in your case it couldn't have been truer.  Thanks, Jack

​​On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 9:23 AM Salvatore  wrote:


​            Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your efforts yesterday.  I can't tell you how much you you helped me.  I was unable to reach the Oxygen Company and you got through first shot.  I try to handle my problems my self but in this case I needed help and you were there to help me.  Thank You, Thank You Thank you.  My health has deteriorated and I don't have the spunk I once had.  You may mention this incident in your recruitment efforts when you  try and explain the benefits of being a club member.

Once again,  Thank you Jack,,   I am forever grateful.     Give my best to those old time club members.


Sal Rosato


Jack Houston


NE 10-13 Club


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