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True Stories by NYPD Detectives. Break in the Case is a true crime podcast written and produced by the New York City Police Department. Listen as we follow “the world’s greatest detectives” to different crime scenes—some you may know, some you don’t. In the woods of Upper Manhattan, a grisly discovery in a cooler leads detectives down a twisting path, as they attempt to solve a gut-wrenching mystery spanning decades. In South Brooklyn, police find severed limbs and a torso strewn across a rocky beach, with little to identify them. In conjunction with the New York City Police Foundation, Break in the Case provides an extraordinary inside look at NYPD investigations and the men and women who conduct them.

S1 Trailer | Break in the Case


E2 | Baby Hope: We Are Them   The investigation takes a dark turn.   33 Mins

E3 | Baby Hope: A Colder Case  A Crime Stoppers tip changes everything.  50 mins  

E4 | Baby Hope: The Girl in the White Dress Detectives discover the true name of the little girl they called "Baby Hope." 55 mins

E5 | Baby Hope: In the Box  After hours of interrogation, the truth about what happened to Baby Hope is revealed.  44 mins

E6 | Who is Monique?  Police find the severed body parts of a woman in South Brooklyn, and are struggling to identify her to this day.    39 mins 


New York City Police Department Launches True Crime Podcast ...


Special Update:   Season Two

More stories coming soon.

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