We believe that providing the members with the most current information on all retiree issues is paramount.  News that is important and of interest to Retirees.

COBRA Form, Notice of Rights and COBRA Rates    Health Benefits Application 

Retiree Change of Address Form 

Medicare Part B Reimbursement Program Application   

2017 IRMAA Medicare Part B Reimbursement Application

Emergency Preparedness (COMMON SENSE) Tips:

  • If possible, move to a safe area before the storm hits.

  • Develop a Family Plan with your household members that outlines what to do, how to find each other, and how to communicate, evacuation routes, meeting point, etc.    

  • Monitor weather conditions: Stay alert to weather reports and conditions over a few days and pay attention to any instructions from local authorities.  

  • Contacts: Keep emergency contact numbers with you including family members, neighbors, friends, etc.

  • Secure important documents especially those you may need to get through the emergency (insurance papers, account numbers, etc.)

  • Secure loose objects in your yard, on your deck, roof, etc.

  • Close and lock windows and doors. 

  • Tape & secure any exposed glass surfaces.

  • Prepare a "Go Bag" that will contain necessary items without requiring time to gather them at the last minute.

  • Keep on hand non-perishable food which can be eaten without cooking (canned foods, cereals, etc.)  …minimum for 3 days.

  • Keep an ample supply of bottled drinking water.

  • Check flashlights or emergency lights that they are in working condition, and an ample supply of functional batteries.   

  • Keep a battery operated radio on hand.

  • Keep cell phones charged and have handy a car lighter adapter

  • Fill your bathtub with water for flushing the toilet.

  • Gas up your car. (If electrical power is off, service stations may not be able to operate pumps.)  A car can serve as an emergency generator for lighting and charging some batteries – keep adaptors in the car.

  • Prepare appropriate emergency supplies to sustain yourself and your family for a few days (recommended three day supplies) if the storm's path becomes more evident of impacting your area. 

  • Credit Cards, ATM’s could have NO power.

Semper Fi, Nick E. for the Association of Retired Hispanic Police, Inc.



Looking for a 10-13 Club in your area?   This list will assist you with finding other clubs.

Useful phone numbers for retired officers. 

Ret. NYCPD  Authors

A little-known veterans’ benefit for long-term care expenses is available to wartime veterans and their spouses. But the benefit is being overlooked by thousands of families, industry observers say.

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