9/27    The Seldom Heard 9/11 Story, brought back those same memories I had during those days and nights at the fresh kills landfill. I kept a journal and recorded my feelings, thoughts and findings. I came up with my own way of searching the end of the conveyor belt. I used a hard rake and stopped the debris tumbling off the end of the conveyor belt. The findings were many. That was the last chance before all would be lost and buried into the landscape. What stills haunts me today is the vivid vision of worn shoes and sneakers stil laced. I hope and pray that their end was swift with little or no pain. 

Be safe, 

Retired Detective Rudy Andre 28 Precinct. Harlem 



St Michael's Cemetery   

East Elmhurst

9-11-01 Photo a Cop FF Carrying Inj Man_
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Steve Cataneo posted in Fighting   Ninth ClubJuly 16 at 6:39 AM

I Have Been Part of the World Trade Center 9/11 Monitoring Program Since It's Inception.

     For the past 3 years I began to experience severe joint pain that has elevated to the point where I can barely stand up, sit down, bend over or sleep.

    My lower lumbar, SI joints, knees & the balls of my feet & toes have been giving me shape & excruciating pain. I've had X-rays, MRI's, EMG, blood tests and have seen an Orthopedist, a Neurologist, a Rheumatologist, a Hematologist/Oncologist, a chiropractor & now I'm in physical therapy. 
Not one Dr or test could explain my pain or stop it, all my tests were negative and showed no joint damage or injury.

3 years ago when the pain began to get severe I asked my 9/11 Doctors at the Mount Sinai Monitoring Unit if it could be the medication that I am on that is causing this pain and for the past 3 years the answer was always no.

     I have been on the same medications for years and suspected that the medication could be the cause of my joint pain.  Last week I went for my 6 month visit and one of the same doctors that I asked if it could be the medication that I'm on advised me that Omeprazole causes joint pain and took me off of it but doubled my dosage of Ranitidine which has its own side affects!

    After all these years of having me on this drug and me asking if other first responders were suffering from joint pain and being told no and that the cause of my joint pain was not from the medication, now I'm told that this medication causes joint pain.

    So I have to ask, are we guinea pigs for the Pharmaceutical companies or do these Doctors not know what they are prescribing us?     I have decided to stop all my stomach medications for 1 month and try a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar & Baking Soda to treat my acid re flux and to see if my joint pain subsides.

                                           How Did They Not Know That  Omeprazole Causes Joint Pain?

     Was this drug not tested?  Was I the testee??  I've been like a crippled old man for the past few years and it's gotten so bad that my whole lifestyle was affected.

    If any of you are being prescribed Omeprazole and are experiencing joint pain you better go and see your Doctor, and if your Doctor tells you that it doesn't cause joint pain, ge
t a New Doctor!