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   9/11 NEWS 

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 8/26/23   Tribute to the 343 FDNY Members Killed on 9/11 - YouTube

     Call to Service: The Final Rescue of 9/11     



Brought back those same memories I had during those days and nights at the fresh kills landfill. I kept a journal and recorded my feelings, thoughts and findings. I came up with my own way of searching the end of the conveyor belt. I used a hard rake and stopped the debris tumbling off the end of the conveyor belt. The findings were many. That was the last chance before all would be lost and buried into the landscape. What stills haunts me today is the vivid vision of worn shoes and sneakers stil laced. I hope and pray that their end was swift with little or no pain. 

Be safe,   Retired Detective Rudy Andre 28 Precinct, Harlem 

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St Michael's Cemetery   

East Elmhurst

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GREEN - WHITE LINE .jpg 2.png
Presented to Joan FitzGerald _ the National VA Cemetery, Bushnell, FL, from the Retired 48
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