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    We are a fraternal organization of Retired New York City Police Officers of all ranks. We believe that providing the members with the most current information on all retiree issues is paramount.

     The NE 10-13 Pension Rep will meet with any widow/ widower council them on available benefits and how to apply.

     The Club has a Survivors Fund with a $250 Death Benefit; Scholarship awards; 



     NE 10-13 area consists of

Every county north to the Georgia border and west into Clay and Putnam Counties, south to Polk County. 

     Our members are from all of these counties; we even have members from the Panhandle. The Central, FL 10-13 disbanded in 2007. Their former members are now NE, FL members. The NE 10-13 is a Chapter of the National NYCPD 10-13 Org, Inc.       

                     MEETINGS        2023
Meetings are held on the third Wednesday  of the Month, NEW  MEETING LOCATION
 3400 CLUBHOUSE Dr. 

The cost of the luncheon REMAINS @ $15.00 per member and $20.00 per quest. Payment is to be made by check made out to the Northeast 10-13 Club.  ALL MEETINGS ARE LUNCHEON Meetings: Lunch will be served  @13:00 MEETING  STARTING  PROMPTLY1400 


Mail Dues to: 

10-13 Club of Northeast  F L

PO Box  29 18 62

Port Orange, FL 32129

   We send out e-mails to all 10-13 clubs across the country.

E-mails contain articles, with links to the media, about such issues as NYCPD, FDNY news, Pension, Legislation Medicare, Social Security, Veterans news and other articles of interest to retirees. 

     The objective of the club is to improve the benefits of all retired NYCPD.

     We also have a Face Book page, to keep our members informed.   Also an online newsletter.

DUES  2023    $30.00 PER YEAR

You Can Type Info, Right onto The Application          

  PLEASE        PRINT       ALL        REQUESTED         INFORMATION
LAST NAME ____________________     FIRST _____________________   MI______
ADDRESS____________________________         CITY__________________ STATE_____
ZIP CODE_________    HOME PHONE (____  )________________       CELL (___)_______________ SPOUSE'S NAME _________________________    EMAIL  ADDRESS ________________________
BENEFICIARY'S   NAME  FOR  SURVIVOR’S  FUND  _____________________________                 
BIRTH DATE ____/____/______        ANNUAL DUES ARE
$30.00          CHECK #_____________
APPOINTMENT DATE____/____/_______                      RETIREMENT DATE ___/___/______ 

                                                                                                                                          ATTACH Photo Copy  
                                                                                                                                                  of  DEPT  ID
PENSION #(REQ'D)__________________   LAST COMMAND_____________  LAST RANK________
LIST ALL PREVIOUS COMMANDS     ___________________________________________________
                                                           ASSOCIATE  MEMBERS
LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY________________________TELEPHONE (      ) ________________
RANK_______            RETIRED (    ) ACTIVE (    )               MILITARY  ACTIVE   (    )     RETIRED (    )

                        Signature______________________                                     Date ____ /_____ /_______
MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO:  NE, FL 10-13  SEND to  PO Box 291862,  Port Orange FL  32129


Presented to Joan FitzGerald _ the National VA Cemetery, Bushnell, FL, from the Retired 48
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