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The Town of Babylon is dedicating the new playground in honor of my husband Joe, I believe you are in Florida but could you share the invite for your friends and family that are in New York, thank you and be safe Diane 🎈💙



Aug 8, 2019                                    From: Diane Piagentini  


Hi Eddie,


Thank you for spreading the word, with the release of Herman Bell, the first shooter,  it is so imperative that we keep Anthony Bottom in jail,  New York being a Democratic state it is harder and harder to keep a cop killer in jail.  I have read all the transcripts,  and the inmate is getting wiser and wiser on how to beat the system.  Every two years we go before the parole board and give a victim impact statement.  This time it is only 15 mosthey think that we will give up and that will not happen, " it isn't in our blood, we don't give up".

Thank you,  Diane and family   

Aug 4, 2019                                      From: Diane Piagentini
                                           To: chillytimy <>

Hi Timmy,

I just posted this on facebook please share with everyone for me that may not be on facebook, Bottom comes up for parole in September and we need lots of opposition to his release, deny parole .        Thank you, Diane





This September Bottom comes up for parole, and this month of August my family and I will be before the parole board commissioner to give a VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT, we will be reliving every moment of the day that Joe did not return home from work as a New York City patrolman, he walked the beat in Harlem and was shot multiple times in the back, pleading with Anthony Bottom to let him return home to his wife and children.  He and Waverly had just answered a call for help.


Anthony Bottom should never walk the streets again and I am asking you to go to and scroll down to Keep Cop Killers Behind Bars Forever and follow the directions, also because of what happened with the parole board taking down this site , in a letter from the corrections department I quote "Community opposition to release of an inmate should be submitted at" Please make your feelings known and write a letter directly to the parole board using his name and number Anthony Bottom 77A4283

Thank you,   Diane Piagentini wife of Ptl. Joseph Piagentini killed in the line of duty May 21, 1971

 9/23  Michael Borrelli Sr.  My team caught this case. Bill Butler was up and catching. He stayed with it until it's conclusion.  He did a fantastic job along with others assigned to Mayor Case Sd.   Wish I could make this but my age & body won’t let me.  Thanks Mike for this important info!

NYPD widow learns NYS Parole Board has not received 200,000 messages opposing release of cop killers

Grace Russell holds the badge and photo of her slain husband, Officer Michael Russell, in her Amityville, New York home on Wednesday. Officer Russell was shot and killed in East New York 40 years ago.

Police Widows Push To Keep Cop-Killers From Getting Parole  


      Dozens of widows of NYPD officers slain in the line of duty joined the department’s largest union Tuesday to demand that the government fix a loophole that lets paroled cop-killers back on the streets.

     Career criminals out on parole gunned down the husbands of both Linda Sledge and Mary Beth Ruotolo-O’Neill. The man who murdered Cecil F. Sledge, Linda’s husband, is up for parole next month.

     “Had he committed this crime today, he would have been given life without parole, which is the only appropriate sentence,” she said.

     Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick J. Lynch holds state government responsible for the change in the parole board’s decision-making policy, which could potentially free 59 cop-killers.

     The longest sentence for criminals who killed cops before 2005 was 25 years to life. Those killers, who are eligible for parole after serving 25 years, are now benefiting from 2011 guidelines that look at what criminals have been doing since their incarceration, rather than just the original crime. 

     “Under new parole guidelines, the nature of the crime, regardless of how heinous, barbaric, sadistic or depraved, is no longer a factor,” he said during his impassioned speech at PBA headquarters.

     “The guidelines have been reconfigured so if a killer admits to the crime and says they’re sorry, the jail doors slide open.”

     Lynch urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo and elected officials to give the families of officers who were slain years ago the same justice that would be demanded if a cop was killed on duty today.

     “The governor appointed these folks and put politics before right and wrong,” he said. “It’s no different if it happened in 1970, 1980 or any other time. The city was shocked back then and we made a promise that we would help those families get justice.

     “That promise was broken. We broke it in the governor’s office. It was broken in the state Legislature.  It was broken on the parole board. Shame on them.”

     Cuomo spokesman told The Post in a statement that “the governor and the Legislature were responsible for reforms in 2011 that strengthened New York’s parole system, and further, the Governor proposed determinate sentencing two years ago but that effort was rejected by the Legislature.

     “We of course remain open to considering any further amendments to the law that are constitutional and advance public safety,” he added.

     Police Officer Thomas Ruotolo — Mary Beth Ruotolo-O’Neill’s husband — was gunned down by a parolee in 1984.

     George Agosto, who had been serving time for manslaughter, killed Ruotolo and wounded two other officers when they tried to stop him for suspected theft of a moped.  Agosto becomes eligible for parole in 2023.

     Sledge was on the force 12 years when he was murdered in 1980.  He was shot, run over with a car and dragged for blocks by Sal Desarno, who had just been released on parole. The governor-appointed parole board could release Desarno next month.

     “It rips my heart out every two years going to a parole hearing, going over my husband’s gruesome and brutal murder,” Linda Sledge said.   “I’m asking for the justice that I was promised.”

        With the recent releases of New York City cop-killers it is crucial that I get the support of everyone who is willing to help.  This criminal is up for parole in early September, but I need the petitions in August.   All you have to do is to go to go to cop-killers  and go to the name Sledge.    A petition will appear where all you have to do is fill in.

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