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                      2021-2022 NYS Alliance Legislative Bill Agenda:

Note...Three of these Senate bills and one of the Assembly bills have been re-numbered and the rest are being re-submitted. You can use the new bill numbers and the other expired bill numbers for reference to research the print version of each bill on-line:


                              This is our " FORGOTTEN VETERAN'S BILL "


NEW Bill # S-5110-2021 / Veterans Supplementation Bill / Senator Brooks

In Civil Service and Pensions Committee 

NEW Bill # A-6468-2021 / Veterans Supplementation Bill / Assemblywoman Barrett

In Governmental Employees Committee


NEW Bill # S-5030-2021 / Health Protection Bill / Senator Lanza

In Civil Service and Pensions Committee

A-4203-2019 / Heath Protection Bill / Assemblyman Weprin      Being re-submitted


NEW Bill # S-5631-2021 / COLA Bill ( Increase surviving spouse 50% to 100% / Senator Gounardes      In Civil Service and Pensions Committee

A-4203-2019 / Heath Protection Bill / Assemblyman Weprin       Being re-submitted


NEW Bill # S-5631-2021 / COLA Bill ( Increase surviving spouse 50% to 100% / Senator Gounardes      In Civil Service and Pensions Committee

S-5902-2019 / COLA Bill ( Provide COLA - age 55 retired 5 yrs) / Senator Gounardes

Amended EFFECTIVE DATE CHANGE TO NOW BE SEPTEMBER 1, 2020 and RAISED THE AGE FROM 52 TO 55 !     Being re-submitted


S-5835-2019 / COLA Bill ( raise base calculation from 18K to 21K ) / Senator Breslin

Being re-submitted


A-7413-2019 / COLA Bill ( raise base calculation from 18K to 21K ) / Assemblyman Steck

Being re-submitted

This is the first positive news for our 2021 Legislative Agenda and hopefully all our other bills will follow soon. As soon as I receive the new bill numbers I will send out a NEWS FLASH to all our member organizations, request Memorandums of Support from each organization and request each organization to have all their members contact their Legislators requesting that they sign on as Co-Sponsors to each bill and push the Legislators to move the bills forward.

The latest Cuomo fiscal debacle is the proposed 2021 NYS Budget comprised of an astounding 212 BILLION DOLLARS

Listed below is Gov. Cuomo's last eight (8) years of actual NYS Budgets which should boggle your mind and this is unconscionable:

2021 NYS Budget = $ 212 BILLION DOLLARS

2020 NYS Budget = $ 177 BILLION DOLLARS

2019 NYS Budget = $ 175.5 BILLION DOLLARS

2018 NYS Budget = $ 168 BILLION DOLLARS

2017 NYS Budget = $ 152.3 BILLION DOLLARS

2016 NYS Budget = $ 145 BILLION DOLLARS

2015 NYS Budget = $ 141.6 BILLION DOLLARS

2014 NYS Budget = $ 137.2 BILLION DOLLARS

This represents an increase of NYS spending of $ 74.8 BILLION DOLLARS in eight (8) years ! The break down is that this $ 74.8 Billion dollars equals just about a 55% increase in NYS spending during this eight years or 6.87% per year for each of the 8 years ! Do you see the run-a-way upward spending increases over the last eight (8) years ?

Now I would propose to all New York State Retirees that we are all entitled to a 6.87% increase in our annual COLA on our pensions...which would not be wasteful, politically motivated pay offs but rather much needed money for all NYS Public Service Retirees to subsist and sustain a comfortable lifestyle, pay their utility bills, heating and medical bills. Contact your legislators and tell them that the fiscal numbers don't lie like they do...




Jan 13, 2021    Passing of Harry Morse, past Vice President of the National NYCPD 10-13


Dear Presidents:   It is with deepest sadness, and a heavy heart that I inform you of the sudden passing of Harry Morse 


Harry was my National NYCPD 10-13 Florida Advisor, past Vice President of the National  NYCPD 10-13 as well as past President of the Verrazano 10-13. He was truly an asset to our organizations as well as a valued friend.  He will be truly  missed by all. 


I will advise you of any and all arrangements as soon as I know.  Please keep Harry and his family in your prayers.  May he RIP.


Frank Martarella   

April  9, 2020                                       President's Message



As we start the beginning of Passover and the coming of Easter, it is my hopes that this correspondence finds everyone well and safe.


I would like to commend our Chapter Presidents, Board Members and their chapter members during this coronavirus pandemic.  As I read various emails, social media and talk with our members, I say to myself what a great organization we are all a part of.  During these trying times I have seen our members step up  to the plate for their NYPD brothers and sisters. The Verrazano 10-13 delivering meals to Staten Island precincts; Chapter Executive Boards and their members, from all over the country, volunteering their time by shopping and helping our members and their families who have underlying health issues. These members are in danger of contracting this dangerous virus, and if they do, there is the possibility that some may not recover from this virus.


Please stay safe and remember, social distancing does not mean that we cannot help our brothers and sisters in any way possible.    On behalf of myself and my Executive Board, we hope that you and your families stay safe. We want to extend a special thank you to all of our members for showing the true meaning of 10-13.


Happy & Joyous Holidays.


Fraternally yours,


Frank Martarella

  ​​​The National Website:

National 10-13 Homepage:


List of all 10-13 Local Chapters:  


5/24/2020           ALLIANCE WEB SITE AND MEMORIAL DAY...  

Greetings to everyone,

With the Covid-19 virus stopping all of us from conducting regular business, not being able to have our regular monthly meetings and especially in Albany with the legislature absent, I have been very busy working on our new Alliance web site.  I feel the web site is very informative, will underscore and enhance the Alliance as the largest state wide organization representing New York State public service retirees, who are members of many statewide retiree organizations comprised of retired members from all positions and New York State agencies.


I'm very pleased to announce that the Alliance new web site has been launched and please take the time to view it.  I'm looking forward to hearing your comments on our web site.


Alliance web site address: 


I also want to take the time to remember all our Military Veterans this Memorial Day and thank each and every one of them for their service and sacrifices they gave to serve and protect our freedoms and this great country.


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Memorial Day holiday weekend with your families and friends.


Our next meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2020 at 12:00 pm at the Fort Orange Club.


Be safe...




Bryant Kolner, President

Alliance of Public Retiree Organizations of New York

80 Sweetman Rd.

Burnt Hills, New York  12027

518-441-6059  or



​​​The National Website:

List of all 10-13 Local Chapters: 





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