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National 1013 President Mike Fahy - Info Network Legislative Update   FEB  4th  2024

Hope all is well with you and yours      The 2024 legislative session started early this year, in August.  That is when we started meeting and talking to legislative representatives, gearing up for the 2024 session, that actually started mid-January.  One reason for the early start was new legislation, a health protection bill was being pushed by a lobbyist, to whom we made contact and have been helping where we can.  We saw the same problem with this bill that we had with the Lanza bill.  The original senate bill was sponsored by a Republican Senator.  This Senator was very gracious and did the right thing.  We were able to help facilitate getting the bill sponsored by Democrat Senator Pete Harckham under bill S8388.  This is a good bill and you should read it.  One of the many good points about the bill is that it actually prohibits moving senior retirees to a medicare advantage plan.

Paste this link on your address bar to read the bill.

As we have been saying all along, the attack on retiree’s health benefits will spread, and it is.  There is a lawsuit going on in Cortland County NY and more recently there is action being taken by retirees from the TWU.  We have been working with the NYC Organization of Public Service Retirees and Marianne has joined the information network.  I will be sending out an email soon regarding steps that we need your help with.

Remember that all of our legislative action will benefit every public service retiree in NYS and what we do for retirees and their families now will also affect active members when they retire.


Mike Fahy

National 1013




Hello  All

Hope all is well with you and yours.    The convention was a great time for all.    On the legislative side we have been meeting with legislators since August. The new session has started and our work will intensify as it moves forward.

As you know, our effort last session was focused on health protection. Although we did have success with getting two Democrat Senators to Co-Prime Sponsor Senator Lanza's Bill, the bill was not pushed forward. +

The Veterans Bill was not in play due to the city's fiscal note not being produced until the end of the session. No COLA bills were moved out of committee, even though we had several meetings with the committee chairs staff asking for help.

There is a new health protection bill that was introduced in July that we have been working on with the assistance of the NYCPSRO. This bill covers every civil service retiree in the state and prohibits reductions in benefits. There will be more on this bill once it is finalized. As you may already know, there have been other government entities attempting to move their retirees into Medicare Advantage Plans. The most recent would be the NYC transit workers retirees. Together we can have an impact on this injustice to our senior retirees.


Best Regards,

Mike Fahy

National 1013




Wednesday,   July 5, 2023,  michael fa <  > wrote:

Hi All:       Hope all is well with you and your families.

I would like to thank you and your members for the work done during the legislative session this year. You and your members have helped in stopping the City Council from changing NYC administrative code 12-126 (health insurance coverage for city employees), helped to garner co-sponsors on the health protection bills, and made a lot of calls to the key senate and assembly players in our latest efforts to get the health protection bills passed.

Our efforts helped in convincing two Democratic Senators to Co-Prime Sponsor the health protection Senate bill S4191, making this bill bipartisan. We garnered 12 sponsors in the Senate and 29 in the Assembly.

You and your members’ involvement brought more attention to our cause and helped us to move our agenda forward.  This will continue October.

September 17th – 19th 2023, the National 1013 has its annual convention at the Villa Roma in Calicoon, NY. The convention would be a good opportunity to have an Information Network meeting. This coming legislative session is on the heels of elections for NYS Legislators and a prime time for us to talk about our plan moving forward. I have attached the flyer for the convention to the email and hope that you can attend.

Enjoy your summer.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please give me a call.



Michael Fahy




On Friday, June 2, 2023 at 10:24:57 PM EDT, michael fa <> wrote:

Hello All

Just a reminder that these calls are critical. I also had a typo in the first paragraph for the Lanza bill the number has been corrected. The number in the narrative section on bottom was correct on the original.




It is crunch time for the Health Protection Bill. Update is that the senate bill S4191A sponsored by Senator Andrew J. Lanza (R) is now a bipartisan bill. The bill was Co-Prime sponsored by Senator Jessica Scarcella-Spanton (D) and Senator Pete Harkham (D). The assembly bill A4989A sponsored by Assemblymember David Weprin is well represented by both Democrat and Republican co-sponsors.

These bills cover all public service retirees throughout the state and give us the same protection that was afforded to teachers in 2010. We deserve equity and we will remember our friends.

We need to have our voices heard. I am asking that you and your members as well as family and friends make as many phone calls to the following numbers listed for key representatives and ask them to move the bill through to the governors desk. Please be professional and passionate.


Thank you

Mike Fahy


Senator Jackson/Senator Stewart Cousins

We need the Senator to move senate bill S4191A to the senate floor for a vote and sent to the Governor. It is absolutely abhorrent that senior citizen public service retirees are having their health benefits diminished and are not protected by legislation. Teachers have been protected with legislation since 2010 and it is time that all public service retirees have equitable protection. It is your job to represent your constituents fairly.

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins        Senator Robert Jackson

(518) 455-2585                                               518-455-2041

(914) 423-4031                                               212-544-0173


Assemblyman Heastie/Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato

We need the Assembly member to move assembly bill A4989A to the assembly floor for a vote and sent to the Governor. It is absolutely abhorrent that senior citizen public service retirees are having their health benefits diminished and are not protected by legislation. Teachers have been protected with legislation since 2010 and it is time that all public service retirees have equitable protection. It is your job to represent your constituents fairly.

Assemblyman Carl E Heastie              Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato

518-455-3791                                      518-455-4292

718-654-6539                                      718-945-9550


Jan 13, 2021    Passing of Harry Morse,   past Vice President of the National NYCPD 10-13

Dear Presidents:   It is with deepest sadness, and a heavy heart that I inform you of the sudden passing of Harry Morse 


Harry was my National NYCPD 10-13 Florida Advisor, past Vice President of the National  NYCPD 10-13 as well as past President of the Verrazano 10-13. He was truly an asset to our organizations as well as a valued friend.  He will be truly  missed by all. Please keep Harry and his family in your prayers.  May he RIP.  Frank Martarella


  President's Message  TRUE MEANING OF 10-13

As we start the beginning of Passover and the coming of Easter, it is my hopes that this correspondence finds everyone well and safe.


I would like to commend our Chapter Presidents, Board Members and their chapter members during this coronavirus pandemic.  As I read various emails, social media and talk with our members, I say to myself what a great organization we are all a part of.  During these trying times I have seen our members step up  to the plate for their NYPD brothers and sisters. The Verrazano 10-13 delivering meals to Staten Island precincts; Chapter Executive Boards and their members, from all over the country, volunteering their time by shopping and helping our members and their families who have underlying health issues. These members are in danger of contracting this dangerous virus, and if they do, there is the possibility that some may not recover from this virus.


Please stay safe and remember, social distancing does not mean that we cannot help our brothers and sisters in any way possible.    On behalf of myself and my Executive Board, we hope that you and your families stay safe. We want to extend a special thank you to all of our members for showing the true meaning of 10-13.


Happy & Joyous Holidays.


Fraternally yours,


Frank Martarella

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Presented to Joan FitzGerald _ the National VA Cemetery, Bushnell, FL, from the Retired 48
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