September 14, 2019                                President's Message

To All Presidents and Chapter Members:

As I am writing this letter, summer is coming to an end; fall and winter will soon be with us.  I hope that everyone had a safe and fun summer.  Last week the National NYCPD 10-13 Orgs. Inc. celebrated its 30th Annual Convention at the beautiful Villa Roma Resort; a great time was had by all.

I would like to thank all Chapter Presidents and members for their support, dedication and undying support of the National.  A special thank you goes out to my Executive Board.  I am very proud to have an Executive Board who I can rely and depend on for support and guidance.

As we all know times are changing and the attacks on NYPD active and retirees are becoming more frequent and blatant.  We are being criticized and not supported by some of our elected officials; starting with Mayor de Blasio. 

The New York 2020 legislation session will start January, 2020.  However, we are already visiting with key state senators and assembly members.  The National is aggressively active in communicating through letters, visits in educating legislators, and requesting legislation which protects or enhances our benefits.  COLA and Veterans’ Supplementation are given out of the Pension Fund.  This is not a cost factor to the tax payers.  These funds are well funded and protected by law, which is not so protected in other states.  There is no cost for the Health Protection Bill.

As we all know retirees, via our unions when they were active, negotiated for and earned benefits for their future, and sometimes gave up pay increases and other benefits as retirees. Not having the ability to vote or negotiate regarding their benefits, as per the Taylor Law, leaves us to look to our elected officials to protect the benefits that we fought for and earned.

The National is the most active group in legislation than any other NYC Police retiree group to date on these important issues.  We work very closely with President Patsy Noto of the Retired Sergeants Association which actively supports all NYCPD legislation.  We communicate closely regarding these issues.

With the support of chapter Presidents and members, through dues and raffles, it makes it possible to be actively involved in legislative issues, as well as to join the Alliance, which involves many other retiree groups.  The monies also help us maintain a PAC fund, supply buses for the April Lobby Day to attend other meetings, and speak with other retiree groups who share their concerns of these issues.  I can assure you that your National Executive Board will continue to be very active in the Albany legislative arena.

This is not an organization of titles and perks.  Each member of the Executive Board works very hard, and dedicates their time and efforts for you.  The past achievements and goals are because of the support of the chapters and their members.  This is what gives us the will to take the initiative to continue to work hard towards accomplishing our common goals.

Hope to see you at the 2020 Convention.


Frank Martarella


cc:  National Board of Directors

March 20 2019 -                                DOWNLOAD PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE (PDF)

Dear Chapter Presidents and Members:

With springtime and warmer weather upon us, I hope all had a good winter. I assume all our snowbirds who travel to the warmer weather have returned home. I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to the summer and all the barbecues, picnics and other great events that we all enjoy. I'm not rushing the spring and summer time, but I always look forward to our National Convention. So, save the dates for our September 8-10, 2019, 30th Annual Convention being held at Villa Roma Resort.

Below is legislation being supported by the National NYCPD 10-13 Organizations, Inc., for the 2019-2020 legislative session. The obligation and the focus of the National is to support legislation which helps benefit our members and their families. As you are aware, for the past decade we have rigorously submitted Health Protection legislation. This is one of the most important pieces of legislation for our members and their families. Even though we are protected by NYC's Administrative Code, intro 580, which gives us protection for our Health Insurance and Medicare Reimbursement, it only takes the Mayor and the NYC Council a strike of the pen to change these laws. This has already been done to NYS retirees, by changing the Civil Service Laws. It also has been done in other states and cities throughout the country. As I have reported recently, the MLC agreed to generate Cumulative Healthcare, saving 1.1 billion over the NYC fiscal years 2019 through 2021. One of the costs saving they are discussing is Amendment of Medicare Part B Reimbursement...BEWARE!!

It's important for us to support this type of legislation, as that would set a precedent to protect retirees who were guaranteed these benefits. Upon retirement, retirees can no longer negotiate or have a voice through collective bargaining. Their only resource of protection is through their elected officials. It is important that the National be involved with the Alliance of Public Retirees of New York, which includes other NYS and NYC Retiree groups. It's also important that we visit with legislators and communicate through Memoranda of Support to make sure our voice is heard.


Lobby Day, scheduled for April 9, 2019. Presently, the National NYCPD 10-13 Assoc. supports the below bills:


**Senator Stewart Cousins and Assemblyman Heastie must approve all bills to move forward for Governor Cuomo to sign the bills into law.

Some of the above-mentioned Bills have not yet been numbered or gone through the Committee process. At this point, the only way we will see these Bills voted on and sent to the Governor, is if we make the sponsors of the Bills aware of how important the Bills are not only tour membership but to all retirees and veterans.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!! In order to make the sponsors aware, we ask that each National NYCPD 10-13 member CALL the individual sponsors, Senator Stewart-Cousins and Assemblyman Carl Heatsie. The call can be "short and sweet". Just mention that you are a member of the National NYCPD 10-13 Organization, as well as a member of the Alliance of Public Retirees Organization of New York. State the importance of the Bill to all retirees and veterans and the need of the sponsors' support.

In addition, we ask that you call your district Senator and Assembly Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the above Bills.

Please make the calls.  The more calls the sponsors receive the better chance we have in getting the Bills passed.  Remember, there is strength in numbers!  These Bills will benefit all of us. If we don't actively stand-up for ourselves, Who Will??

If you have any family or friends that reside in the above Senators and Assemblymen's districts, please ask them to also call them at their district offices.


Frank Martarella




In January, the New York State Legislature will be back in session.  We will be very busy pushing our National  Legislative Agenda.  We will need to recruit new senate sponsors for our Veterans (Retiree) Supplementation Bill and our COLA Bills, since our prior sponsors are no longer in the senate (as per my November 8, 2018 letter).  As of this writing, the National 10-13, the Alliance of Public Retirees of N.Y. and its other organization members have been diligently working to secure new sponsors for the above two bills.

Our biggest concern is the Health Insurance Protection Legislation.  You may say why?  We are currently protected under the NYC Administrative Code (Intro580).  But look at what has happened in NYS and around the United States.  Even in N.Y.C., as I’m sure you recall, in 2017 the Municipal Labor Committee and unions agreed to increase some of our medical co-payments.  As you know, retirees negotiated and fought hard for what we have.  Many times we gave up other benefits and pay raises for health insurance.  The Health Insurance Protection Bill states that the retirees will maintain the benefits they had when they retired.  This is why we support this bill as it would set a precedent and, if it passes, would protect us against any changes attempted by N.Y.C. in its Administrative Code.


New York State, in the past, changed its Civil Service Laws causing their retirees to loose and then contribute payments for benefits.  This is the reason we meet with legislators; to explain the benefits we achieved and were promised as active MOS, and why they must be maintained.  Remember, ONCE RETIRED, the only recourse we have for protection is the legislators.  Since the Taylor Law prohibits the active NYPD unions from representing retirees.  

There have been no improvements to COLA since it was enacted.  COLA was our motto and mission statement.  COLA enhancement of any part of our COLA Bills comes out of the pension funds, and not out of taxpayers’ pockets.  The pension funds in NYS and NYC are not only solvent, but are making money, unlike in other states where the funds are misused and raided.  At the September Alliance meeting in Albany, State Comptroller Tom DeNapoli stated that the pension plans are doing very well with 209 billion dollars; 11.35% investment return and are 98% funded for the last fiscal year.

The Veterans Supplementation Bill is designed for retirees who were unable to buy back veteran credits.  This also comes directly out of pensions.


Sometimes we become complacent because, as you know, no changes have been made.  But you can see what’s going on, and this is a time to be very concerned about our Health Benefits, our Medicare Reimbursement and our COLA.


The National is proactive in legislation, through our PAC and political endorsements.  We work very closely with other retiree groups throughout NYS and NYC.  


We have a close relationship with the RSA (Retired Sergeants Association).  By the early part of the 2019 legislative session, we hope to have the bill numbers (as they become available) for all the bills mentioned, as well as the names of their sponsors.  We’re planning to have our members aggressively pursue these legislators to express our position and lobby them for their support.  We will be going to Lobby Day in April in support of the Alliance of Public Retirees of NY.


The National Chapters have been very supportive of the National and its agenda.  I am very grateful for your support as it makes us a recognized force of NYPD Retirees.  To be successful, you need recognition, and to be able to do that, you have to attend meetings, write letters, and get out there and support your cause.  I’m very fortunate to have an Executive Board that is actively involved regarding these issues.  I want to thank all of my Board of directors and Chapter presidents for your input and involvement sharing the information with your members.  January is coming and we’ll be ready and we’ll keep you updated on events as they occur.


Happy New Year to you all and your families.



Frank Martarella

Cc:  National Board of Directors

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 Has been updated with a new Presidents message and photos from last weeks Convention at Villa Roma.  Our   30th Convention will held from September 8th to 10th, 2019 at Villa Roma, SAVE THE DATES. Convention registration form and Villa Roma flyer will be posted shortly.



Frank Martarella

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Morning


Happy Thanksgiving to my Executive Board, to all the National 10-13 Presidents, their Executive Board members, Chapter Members and their families.  Thank you for your continued support to the National NYCPD 10-13 Association.


Lets  also remember and pray for all our Military members who are keeping us safe around the world, and our fellow Police Officers, some of whom, are working today to keep us safe.  And let us not forget our fellow brothers and sisters who laid down their lives protecting us all and for all their widows and children. 





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