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Sent in by an NYCPD OfficerHi All,   Count your blessings that you are retired   Stay safe!  Harvey

I pray that our brother and sister officers and their families stay safe.  Unfortunately, we know we are going to lose more.  Please share for those that don’t use FB.   It is a grim eye opening experience of what they are living:

You start the tour like any other. Standing roll call waiting for your assignment. You look to your left and right and realize today that even more of your co workers are not here . More friends out with the sickness. You think to yourself , they are strong. they’ll be ok. You listen to the sergeant give out assignments. Half of the platoon is being assigned to relieve the earlier tour who are taking reports for DOA (dead on arrival). This is common during tour change now as it’s been taking the Medical examiner anywhere from 6-10 hours to come to collect the bodies.  It used to be a 1-2 hour wait. Now it’s you’re whole tour.

 In my patrol area we used to get maybe 1 DOA a month during midnight tour. Now we get 5-8 every night. You head out for patrol with your partner. The streets are eerily quiet. You make your normal rounds and find a place to park and wait. Your job phone goes off with notification after notification of ambulance calls for people with corona virus. Most of them start the same, person with cough , fever , tested positive or symptomatic for covid -19 , awake and conscious having difficulty breathing.  You’ve been instructed not to respond.


 Let EMS handle it they are properly trained and have better PPE.  Once an hour the phone goes off with a code change. That last ambulance call, cpr being performed. 1/2 hour later another cpr, 1 hour after cpr again. They died in their homes. Units get assigned to go take the reports. It’s not a lot of paper work but we know they’ll be out for the remainder of tour awaiting the medical examiner. More units assigned to DOAs. We’re being spread thin. Trying to console grieving families with a mask on your face is no easy task.  

You cover jobs out of your sector as well as your own. You get a 911 call for someone having a violent mental episode. Great , now you need to transport them with EMS for psychological evaluation at the hospital. The last place you want to be. You don’t want to use the EMS and hospital resources  if you can help it because they are busy trying to save lives. Sadly, you have no choice. Now you’re at the hospital with an irate emotionally disturbed person in custody. Stop. Look around. Everyone is coughing. You’re in the emergency room. The same room all covid patients enter. Doctors and nurses are in full head to toe PPE. Gowns, goggles, head cover, n95 masks and gloves. You don’t even have the right n95 mask because you were not supplied properly.


Finally at home, clean and safe.  Just don’t get to close to the spouse , kids or pets. I definitely don’t have it, you tell yourself..... I probably don’t have it .....I hope I don’t have it.   Have to get to bed so you can wake up and do it again tomorrow.


Best Regards, 



Written By An NYPD Officer On The Front Lines Tonight

Please Make This Go Viral.   The World Needs To Know. 

Almost 32 years with NYPD, I have never felt such disgust, hopelessness, and anger.  Manhattan was occupied territory tonight, we were totally outnumbered by miscreants. They were brazen, laughing and rampant.  It was so prevalent there was nothing a police officer could do according to the rules and expectations of the Democrat Party.  Our leaders took knees of solidarity with “protesters” during the day, and then had a penis forced down their throats at night.  Zero leadership.  Zero courage.  Complete and utter pandering.


And I heard the Bronx was even worse.  I didn’t hear one person say the name George Floyd. It was complete anarchy and savagery. New York, wait until you wake up and see video of Manhattan.  It will look like Iraq. If you don’t beg Donald Trump to take charge of these democrat cities across America, your country will be lost. 


The shit I saw today disgusted me more than the shit I saw on 9-11.  Wasn’t even close.
Going to bed.  Good night.


                               Important Message to Members About Recent Riots
As we witnessed last night in Brooklyn, many of the individuals who came to the protests were there to harm Detectives and all of our fellow cops. At the 71 Precinct, violent criminals threw Molotov cocktails into an occupied radio car. Fortunately, our brothers and sisters in blue escaped with their lives. In other incidents, cops were hit with bricks, brass knuckles, and bottles. We will NEVER tolerate this — EVER! Nobody is going to overrun our precincts. These are our houses where we proudly serve the public — for the past 175 years. The DEA urges every Detective to do what they are trained to do — protect themselves and their fellow cops. Always know that we are in your corner fighting for your rights. Keep your eyes open and back one another up, and the DEA will ALWAYS have your back. In addition to ensuring the strongest possible criminal charges are filed against these vicious criminals, we will be bringing civil actions against any person who harms a Detective. If you are injured, please advise the DEA as soon as possible so we can assist you with anything you need. These are unprecedented times we are working in, but TOGETHER we will get through this. New York City Detectives make history every day, and leading our city through these issues will be one more reason we are known as “The Greatest Detectives in the World.”   Never hesitate to contact your delegate, trustee, or the DEA office with any concerns.   In unity there is strength. 

Fraternally,Paul DiGiacomo,
President and the Board of Officers                              

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Presented to Joan FitzGerald _ the National VA Cemetery, Bushnell, FL, from the Retired 48
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